We Love To Cook

We have a simple idea when it comes to food. Make it affordable, delicious & appealing to all of the senses.Good food for all tastes to appreciate & enjoy.

From our tender meats that are made in our smokehouse to vegetarian Gumbo, we offer something for everyone.

Chicken skewers, fajita’s, succulent fish & chips, steaks, burgers – we do love to cook for you, your family & your friends.  Let’s eat!

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.”

Oscar Wilde

, Eating, Hooden Smokehouse & Cellar
, Eating, Hooden Smokehouse & Cellar
, Eating, Hooden Smokehouse & Cellar

16 Hours To

We purchased & imported a traditional American smoker as we were taken by it’s flavours. 

The process starts with premium grade meats (chicken, rack of ribs, brisque, pulled pork) that we season with our secret, inhouse spices. We put various woods & other smoke inducing loveliness to give extra flavour.

The meat goes in to slow cook in the smokehouse, which retains the moistness of the meat while adding a delicious, out of this world flavour that will make your taste buds soar. 

We Love Our Food!

We make food for all tastes, times & appetites.
Come eat at The Hooden as we love to cook delicious, affordable food that fills you up and puts a smile on your face.

Choose your perfect time.